Why should I do the Java Certification?

Arvind Kumar
2 min readDec 27, 2019

This is the most important thing to do for anyone who is interested in learning Java thoroughly.

There are a number of reasons, some of them are below -

Best learning opportunity

You have a fixed syllabus to cover and then appear for the exam which has some criteria to meet and to meet this criterion you have to learn/research a lot.

Learn to use the current feature of the latest JRE

If you go far the latest certification available then it’s there in the syllabus and you have to learn the usage of the latest java feature. For example if you are going for Java11 certification then you will get to learn the Modular Java, Nashorn, DateTime API, Lambda etc.. which help very much in writing the neat and clean code.

More chances of selection in job interviews

You have mentioned the certification in your resume, then it’s going to catch the eyes of the hiring people and you are set to get the more chance of getting the call for interviews.

Better salary

You have got the call for the interview and after clearing it you are at a better position to negotiate for the compensation.

Raises the standard

You have cleared the certification with a good score then you have the confidence to make your points heard in the discussion forums and also you have knowledge about the latest java feature which you can use to write the better and neat/clean code.

Reimbursement from the employer

This policy is there in most of the companies to bear the cost of certification. Some companies offer it upfront and give you the voucher for the exam, in some companies, it’s reimbursed after clearing the exam. If you are not aware of this, you should collect the information about it.

There are many more reasons to go for Java Certification. But most important thing is how honestly you are doing it? Take this opportunity to learn the java, not just to clear the exam. I am saying this as there are many other ways to get the certificate but if you don’t understand the syllabus of it, there is no point in having the certification. And let me warn, if you have taken the certification from some other means and mention it in the resume then it’s going to backfire upon you because the interviewer will ask hard/standard questions which you won’t have any idea.

Earn it honestly!!

It’s going to give the more chances of an interview call but it’s upon you to face the interview questions.

If this article is good enough to convince you to learn the java in deep then join me on Youtube channel Green Learner in the journey and let me help you in doing so.


Happy Coding.